Hekal Twins

Bloggers & Social Media Specialist

The first identical twin content maker in the Middle East.
The launch was in 2015 through comic videos in many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, with the passage of which we have proven a great merit in creating content on new platforms such as Tik Tok and others, which has created a large audience base that trusts our orientations and opinions.

Figures & Statistics

Hekal Twins is one of the most powerful content makers in the Middle East, with numbers and directories, as they have a large audience base, where we see this clearly on all of the largest media platforms in the world!


Where we have more than 4 million followers on our main channel, and for this we got the golden shield
We also have more than a million followers on our vlogs channel which made us get another shield
And all of this audience is influenced by us, which makes us a primary source of help for advertisers.


The Instagram platform is also one of the most powerful advertising sources on social media for hekal twins, where we have more than one million and 300 thousand followers and are affected by the content provided.


We have a number not a little on the Facebook platform, where we have more than a million and 300 followers effectively, which supports the idea of the impact of our content on this platform.


We also have a very strong, effective and influential tik tock platform box, where we have a impact of 2 million and 200 thousand followers who are permanently and continuously active which proves that we got a special shield from the tiktok platform to cross the million followers barrier.

Previous Clients:

We own as a media organization a diverse ‏group

‏Instagram stories 12000L.E
‏Instagram Post + Stories Promotion 25000L.E

‏Full video on Tik Tok 30,000L.E

‏Short promotional advertisement on YouTube 25000L.E
‏Full YouTube Video + Free Instagram Promotional Stories 40,000L.E

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